This simple to prepare Dump Cake calls for just four everyday ingredients that can be found in any cupboard. Because you simply place all of the ingredients in a pan and bake the dish, it is the simplest dessert that has ever been created. This timeless dessert is perfect for celebrating any important event with … Read more


I’m about to reveal the most delicious method to enjoy kale. I guarantee you will find this fascinating. If you’re not already a kale fan, this salad will change your mind. It’s true that raw kale has the same flavor as a freshly plucked leaf. But! Green leaves doused in a lemony, spicy Parmesan dressing … Read more

Classic Greek Salad

Green salads, such as those made with romaine, kale, or a combination of the two, are some of my go-to ingredients for whipping up quick and healthful dinners. However, all vegetables taste their best in the summer. Tomatoes are sweet and juicy, peppers are sharp, and cucumbers are refreshingly cool. The greens in a traditional … Read more


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A creamy balsamic dressing and juicy strawberries

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Awesome Beer Bread Recipe

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